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Show Rules List

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Hello all,

We discussed the show rules several weeks ago, and the summary is as follows:

--Signs will be posted on the ends of all rows of the show field stating "Authorized Vehicles Only" and a copy of the show rules.
--Signs will be posted to all access points of the North Field stating "No Vehicles Permitted" due to issues with people playing with their tractors at night in the field, next to our neighbors.
--A sign and chain will be put up at the end of the day at the road to the new gravel pit stating "No Vehicles Permitted" to prevent people on tractors engaging in unsafe driving up the gravel bank.
--The show rules were updated with a note on the bottom, see below.
--To ALL MEMBERS: Please keep in mind that we ALL are responsible for the safety of everyone on the property, especially during a show. Familiarize yourself with the rules, and if someone is doing something against the rules, please call Stan, myself, or notify another member who is wearing a safety vest.

Welcome to the Zagray Farm Museum
April, 2023

-Authorized vehicles must be operated at walking speed within the vendor and display areas during show hours. Unauthorized vehicles are: Bicycles, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Go-Carts, Golf Carts and registerable vehicles with the exception of a club member’s vehicle used to help run the show.

-Equipment operators must be at least 12 years old unless directly supervised by an adult.

-Running equipment must not be left unattended.

-Safety lines must be in place for running machinery displays.

-Exhibits using gasoline must have a fire extinguisher available and gasoline must be stored in appropriate containers.

-Machines leaking any substance(s) must have drip pans in place.

-All vehicles in motion during shows must have working brakes and a working kill switch.

-At this time, steam-powered equipment with live steam is not allowed (air operation is acceptable).

-Passengers are not allowed on vehicles that are not designed for passengers.

-Generators are to be run only between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM and must be connected to appropriate grounding rods.

-All animals must be on leashes and their waste disposed of properly.

-Alcohol consumption is not allowed during show hours.
Note: Repeat offenders may be told to leave the Farm.
Have fun! Be Safe!!!
Safety Officer: 860-593-3916

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Re: Show Rules List

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The chains that are going up, will they be fluorescent or have some kind of high vis stuff on them? You know where I'm going with that question, just pointing it out. 


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