For everything equipment maintenance related

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For everything equipment maintenance related

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Hey! I’ve been using a spreadsheet for a while now to keep some records of a few things I’ve done to some of the trucks on the farm and recently I decided I might as well make a catalog of all the farm’s equipment and share it with all the members. It’s pretty much an extension of what Connor did a while ago with a maintenance book but in a more accessible online format. It’s not finished yet, but I’ll be done with everything except the engines pretty soon.

Everything is in a Google Drive connected to a Google account. In the Drive, there are folders for different types of equipment. In each such folder, there are a spreadsheet to keep all the maintenance and other records and folders for each separate piece of equipment (for photos, manuals, receipts, etc). A link to the Drive is on the desktop of the computer in the pump house, so it can be accessed in a few clicks from there (without any logging in). To open it on your device, you’ll have to log in to the following Google account and access the Google Drive from there. I would rather keep it open only to members, so

password: I’ll ask Dianne to send an email with the password to all the members

Here’s a few good reasons for it:
• one place to keep in all the maintenance records for every piece of equipment on the farm,
• and any information about what broke down or what needs fixing,
• and part numbers, vendor information and receipts,
• and manuals in digital format,
• and any other relevant general information about the equipment,
• another way to easily communicate between members about anything equipment-related,
• it’s easy to access from any computer or phone,
• it’s free, as long as we keep it under 15Gb.

For those who is not a fan of the computer stuff, there is now a mailbox on the front of the pump house with a notebook and a pen in it. You can leave a note about anything maintenance- or equipment-related together with receipts in there. I'll occasionally look there and transfer anything new into the spreadsheet.

Finally, I think it’s a good idea to keep all manuals for the farm’s equipment in one spot. So, there is now a bookshelf in the garage that I would reserve only for the manuals for equipment that we actually have on the farm. Feel free to bring and leave such manuals there, the digital ones will be in the Drive.

Please feel free to use it. Any suggestions about how to make it better/easier to use are welcome.

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Re: For everything equipment maintenance related

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Thank you for all your work , this type of organization is long overdur

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