1947 Massey Harris row crop tractor

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1947 Massey Harris row crop tractor

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Kevin Darling recently donated a one owner, mostly barn kept tractor that belonged to his grandfather. It is in decent shape and complete. 

I hauled it to my shop to get it serviced and running, rather than to the farm. 

one rear rim needs to come off and get welded around the valve stem hole and probably a new tube.
one rear brake is stuck.
The engine (F162 Continental) had 5 stuck valves and the exhaust manifold is junk. I removed the head and got most of the valves out, but the engine will need valve inserts, boring (.015 out), bearings and gaskets. kinda pricey!!!

A search of the barn revealed a perfect match F162 Continental in a Gold Seal stationary power plant that was a gen set. the gen was gone when we got it from C&H Electric probably 15 years ago. motor is loose and being a gen set, probably has low hours. perfect manifold as well.

I need to get that unit out of the barn but it's going to take some doing! It is located in the center aisle toward the road all the way forward. 

It will take a couple guys, rollers or a furniture dolly to get it out of there, and moving lots of stuff in the process. Please help!

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