Repair Shop Punch list

Here we can list out small projects that need to be done.
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1. Limit these jobs to one to two person jobs.
2. Jobs that can be accomplished in less then a day.
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Repair Shop Punch list

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Here is a list of items that can be done in the new repair shop. if you complete one. edit this post or post a reply that an item has been completed.

  1. Install remaining ceiling trim pieces. Trim pieces are there and painted. Trim stapler and compresor and hose are there also. just need to cut to length and install.
  2. Install the rest of the lights. I have put 3 up to set a pattern. holes will need to be drilled in order to mount them. see existing lights. long screws and washers are sitting on bench.  done 
  3. Clean off wood bench in center of room. nuts bolts etc. these can go under new bench. when done move this bench to woodworking building.
  4. Relocate table saw in there to new woodworking building.
  5. Clean out tool box thats in repair building and reorganize. Note any missing items and try to find them elsewhere on farm.
  6. Relocate parts washing cabinet to building. Washer currently resides in NED trailer. its pretty deep so will take some time to extract.
  7. Relocate lateral file cabinet in repair shop elsewhere. maybe one of the trailer bodies.
  8. Relocate shelving unit and stuff on shelves from old OIL shed, to new repair building. Setup shelving unit in the front center by waste oil drum.
  9. Install 2 more benches on north side of building infront of window. (i(dave) will most likely take care of this tommorow)
  10. Relocate Lathe thats in repair shop to front repair shop. Can use the CASE for this... i would recomend ratchet strapping it to the mast for safetly sake. IDEALLY this could replace the lathe thats curently upfront. and the old one could go back to the quonset hut.
  11. Install Shelves over OIL drum area. There are 3 white 16" by 8 foot shelves in that area. Also shelf brackets and the strips to screw to the wall are there.  DONE 

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